Month: July 2020

Quirk world’s cancelled

From Lou Serrone…

Handball Community – the cases of Covid 19 are on the increase in the metro area not at zero or declining.  It is with a saddened heart that the KCAC Board of Directors has made a decision that the risk of COVID 19 exposure in a full blown 3-Wall Tournament Venue,  is an unsafe risk to the participants and unsafe risk to 60 plus visitors coming to watch 90 plus players over a 3 day period of time.    Therefore as we typically know it the traditional Quirk World Invitational with all the many out of town players, guests and fans will not be held this year. 

Local KC Players – It may be possible to run an inhouse tournament this year as we can limit the matches per day and limit the daily participants etc.

Stay tuned.

Spaghetti Out!

PS  To all the out of town participants we are truly sorry.