2010 League Archive

Current Standings (as of Week 10, 01/06/11)
Team Wins Losses Points back

Team 5 37 23
Team 2 35 25 2
Team 1 31 29 6
Team 4 28 32 9
Team 6 27 33 10
Team 3 26 34 11

Week 10 – January 6th

Team 3 tied Team 6, 3 points to 3
Bembynista lost to Bemis
Hogan defeated Facio Jr
B.Lamar lost to Haar
Scherzer/Scherzer lost to Pfannenstiel/Duckers
Gaither/Jeff Krueger defeated Symon/Manning
Benson/Unland defeated Bjerkan/Duryee

Team 2 tied Team 5, 3 points to 3
Disidore lost to McLaughlin
Watson defeated forfeit
Cosentino lost to Wagner
Haskell/N.Martin defeated Nass/Vickers
Higgie/Storm defeated Qandil/Quigley
Kezlan/Leigh lost to Conn/Jaybird

Team 1 defeated Team 4, 4 points to 2
T.Little defeated D.Little
Tuttle defeated Campos
Eikel lost to Espinosa
Lewis/Rush lost to Orel/Facio
Lamar/Esser defeated Serrone/McDowell
Bailey/Wetmore defeated Duma/R.Scherzer

Week 9 – December 16th

Team 4 tied Team 6, 3 points to 3
D.Little lost to Pfannenstiel
Serrone lost to Facio Jr
A.Orel lost to Haar
Orel/Facio defeated Symon/Bemis
Campos/Espinosa defeated Duckers/Manning
Coia/Needles defeated Duryee/Bruno

Team 2 defeated Team 3, 5 points to 1
N.Martin lost to Bembynista
Watson defeated C.Scherzer
Bolling defeated Worrell
Clemons defeated Jeff Krueger
Higgins/Storm defeated Gaither/Jerry K
Coz/Hahs defeated Skelly/Gourley

Team 1 lost to Team 5, 2 points to 4
T.Little defeated McLaughlin
Rush lost to Herbig
Lefty lost to Quigley
Lewis/Esser lost to Vickers/Nass
Lamar/Sowell lost to Wagner/Qandil
Eikel/Holton defeated Kenney/Conn

Week 8 – December 9th

Team 4 tied Team 5, 3 points to 3
D.Little lost to McLaughlin
Facio Sr. lost to Herbig
Coia defeated Conn
Orel/Serrone defeated Vickers/Nass
Campos/Espinosa defeated Qandil/Wagner
Duma/Jarrett lost to Breidenthal/Sutera

Team 2 defeated Team 6, 5 points to 1
Watson defeated Bemis
Hahs defeated Symon
Kezlan defeated Z.Pfannenstiel
Haskell/Bolling lost to Pfannenstiel/Duckers
Storm/Higgins defeated Facio Jr./Manning
Martin/Coz defeated Duryee/Bjerkan

Team 1 tied Team 3, 3 points to 3
C.Scherzer lost to T.Little
Skelly defeated Tuttle
Lamar defeated Bailey
JerryK lost to Holton
Bembynista/Hogan lost to Lewis/Rush
Gaither/JeffK defeated A.Lamar/Sowell

Week 7 – November 18th

Team 3 tied Team 5, 3 points to 3
N.Scherzer lost to McLaughlin
Hogan defeated Vickers
Worrell lost to Qandil
C.Scherzer/Gaither defeated Herbig/Quigley
Finkle/Skelly lost to Wagner/Kenney
Krugers defeated Conn/Breidenthal

Team 1 defeated Team 6, 5 points to 1
T.Little defeated Pfannenstiel
Esser lost to Facio Jr.
Sowell defeated Haar
Rush/Lewis defeated Bemis/Duckers
Lamar/Bailey defeated Vader/Manning
Eikel/Knutsen defeated Duryee/Bjerken

Team 2 tied Team 4, 3 points to 3
Disidore lost to D.Little
Coz lost to Serrone
F.Martin defeated A.Orel
Haskell/N.Martin defeated Orel/Facio
Higgins/Storm defeated Coia/Campos
Bolling/Dog lost to Duma/Espinosa

Week 6 – November 11th

Team 1 lost to Team 2, 1 points to 5
Lewis lost to Watson
Johnson lost to Cosentino
Eickel lost to F.Martin
Rush/Esser lost to Haskell/Martin
Lamar/Sowell lost to Bolling/Storm
Bailey/Wetmore defeated forfeit

Team 3 tied Team 4, 3 points to 3
C.Scherzer lost to D.Little
Gaither defeated Campos
Worrell defeated Espinoza
N.Scherzer/Hogan lost to Orel/Facio Sr
Skelly/Kruger lost to Serrone/McDowell
Gorley/Kruger defeated Duma/Welch

Team 5 defeated Team 6, 5 points to 1
McLaughlin defeated Pfannenstiel
Herbig defeated Loomis
Wagner defeated Duryee
Vickers/Nass defeated Bemis/Duckers
Quigley/Qandil lost to Facio Jr./Symon
Jbird/Lapin defeated Bruno/Eckertson

Week 5 – November 4th

Team 4 lost to Team 5, 1 points to 5
D.Little lost to McLaughlin
Serrone lost to Vickers
Espinoza lost to Kenney
Orel/Facio Sr. defeated Herbig/Nass
Coia/McDowell lost to Qandil/Wagner
Duma/A.Orel lost to Quigley/Lapin

Team 1 defeated Team 6, 4 points to 2
Rush defeated Bemis
Tuttle defeated Fish
Eikel lost to Haar
Esser/Lewis lost to Pfannenstiel/Duckers
Sowell/Lamar defeated Facio Jr/Duryee
Bailey/Wetmore defeated Eckertson/Manning

Team 2 defeated Team 3, 5 points to 1
Disidore defeated N.Scherzer
Bolling lost to Worrell
Cosentino defeated Krueger
Haskell/Watson defeated Gaither/Hogan
Storm/Higgins defeated Krueger/Gorley
Martin/Dogman defeated Lamar/Breidenthal

Week 4 – October 28th

Team 3 lost to Team 5, 1 points to 5
N.Scherzer lost to McLaughlin
Skelly defeated Qandil
B.Lamar lost to Kenney
C.Scherzer/Hogan lost to Vickers/Herbig
Finkle/Gourley lost to Wagner/Smrha
Kruger/Kruger lost to Quigley/Breidenthal

Team 1 defeated Team 4, 4 points to 2
T.Little defeated D.Little
Rush defeated Campos
Nature boy lost to Espinoza
Lewis/Esser lost to Serrone/Facio
A.Lamar/Sowell defeated Coia/McDowell
Wetmore/Bailey defeated Duma/Welch

Team 2 lost to Team 6, 2 points to 4
Watson lost to Bemis
Hahs lost to Duckers
Cosentino lost to Facio Jr.
Disidore/E.Storm lost to Pfannenstiel/Symon
Bolling/Higgins defeated Loomis/Fish
Clemons/Dogman defeated Bjerken/Manning

Week 3 – October 21st

Team 3 tied Team 6, 3 points to 3
N.Scherzer lost to Pfannenstiel
Bembynista defeated Loomis
B.Lamar defeated Eckertson
Skelly/Gourley lost to Facio Jr/J. Fish
Gaither/Worrell lost to Bemis/Symon
Kruger/Kruger defeated Haar/Duryee

Team 1 tied Team 5, 3 points to 3
Rush defeated McLaughlin
Tuttle defeated Qandil
Paratore defeated Breidenthal
Lewis/A.Lamar lost to Vickers/Nass
Knutsen/Sowell lost to Quigley/Wagner
Don/Holton lost to Smrha/Conn

Team 2 lost to Team 4, 2 points to 4
Watson lost to D.Little
N.Martin lost to Serrone
Bolling defeated Espinosa
Haskell/Storm lost to Orel/Facio Sr.
Coz/Hahs defeated Campos/Coia
F.Martin/Dogman lost to Duma/Welch

Week 2 – October 14th

Team 4 defeated Team 6, 4 points to 2
D.Little defeated Pfannenstiel
Campos lost to Loomis
Espinosa lost to Symon
Orel/Facio defeated Bemis/Duckers
Serrone/McDowell defeated Facio Jr/J. Fish
Coia/A.Orel defeated Duma/Duryee

Team 2 tied Team 5, 3 points to 3
Disidore lost to Herbig
Hahs lost to Qandil
Clemons lost to Wagner
Haskell/Bolling defeated Vickers/Nass
Martin/Coz defeated Quigley/Sutera
Stanfield/Dogman defeated Conn/Kenney

Team 1 lost to Team 3, 1 points to 5
T.Little defeated N.Scherzer
Rush lost to Bembynista
Johnson lost to Worrell
Lewis/Esser lost to Hogan/C.Scherzer
Knutsen/Tuttle lost to B.Lamar/Jerry K.
Bailey/Finkle lost to Gourley/Jeff K.

Week 1 – October 7th

Team 1 defeated Team 2, 4 points to 2
T.Little defeated Disidore
Rush defeated Bolling
Johnson lost to Clemons
1 Doubles defeated 1 Doubles
Tuttle/Knutsen lost to Coz/Higgins
Wetmore/Bailey defeated F.Martin/Leigh

Team 3 tied Team 4, 3 games to 3
Bembynista defeated Facio Sr.
Gaither defeated Campos
Finkle defeated Duma
Hogan/Skelly lost to Orel/D.Little
Gourley/Kruger lost to Serrone/McDowell
Kruger/Unland lost to Coia/Welch

Team 5 tied Team 6, 3 points to 3
McLaughlin defeated Bemis
Qandil defeated Facio Jr.
Wagner lost to Haar
Vickers/Nass lost to Pfannenstiel/Loomis
Smrha/Quigley lost to Symon/Duckers
Breidenthal/Lapin defeated Bjerkan/Eckertson

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