2011 League Archive

Current Standings (as of Week 15, 02/24/12)
Team Wins Losses Points back

Team 6 72 28
Team 2 51 44 18.5
Team 3 51 49 21
Team 5 45 54 26.5
Team 4 39 56 30.5
Team 1 36 64 36

Week 15 – February 23rd

Team 3 defeated Team 6, 6 point to 2
Pfannenstiel defeated Campion
Serrone lost to Herbig
Esser defeated Nass
Hahs defeated Smrha
Gaither defeated Bolling
S.Esser lost to Haar
Bjerkan defeated Young
Benson defeated JBird

Team 1 lost to Team 4, 2 points to 6
Little defeated N.Scherzer
Facio lost to Hogan
Lamar lost to C.Scherzer
Espinosa lost to Qandil
Coia lost to Skelly
Needles lost to Duma
Kezlan lost to Manning
Charlton defeated Charlie Jr

Team 2 tied Team 5, 4 points to 4
McLaughlin defeated Orel
Storm lost to Bembynista
Johnson lost to Duckers
Wagner defeated Symon
Krueger defeated Holton
Sowell defeated Coz Jr
Krueger lost to Welch
Tuttle lost to Logan

Week 14 – February 16th

Team 5 lost to Team 6, 1 point to 7
Orel lost to Campion
Duckers lost to Watson
Logan lost to Herbig
Holton lost to Bolling
Coz Sr lost to Smrha
Coz Jr lost to Nass
A.Orel defeated Helicopter Ron
Team 5 lost to Team 6

Team 1 lost to Team 2, 0 points to 8
Facio lost to McLaughlin
A.Lamar lost to Rush
Espinosa lost to E.Storm
Coia lost to Wagner
Cheeto defeated Sowell
Brooks defeated Krueger
Kezlan lost to Krueger
Charlton defeated Keegan

Team 3 defeated Team 4, 5 points to 3
Pfannenstiel defeated N.Scherzer
Haskell lost to C.Scherzer
Serrone lost to Hogan
Hahs lost to Qandil
Gaither defeated J.Sutera
Esser defeated Skelly
S.Esser defeated C.Sutera
Bjerkan defeated Manning

Week 13 – February 9th

Team 2 lost to Team 4, 1 points to 3*
(* – results incomplete because the captains of these two teams are completely worthless. Doing something as simple as tracking how their players did is too much of a monumental task, so they choose to instead pick their ass)
McLaughlin lost to N.Scherzer
Rush vs Hogan ?
Sowell lost to Skelly
Booth vs B.Lamar ?
Johnson defeated Duma
Quigley vs Qandil ?
Clemons lost to Jeff Jr
Keegan vs A.Coia ?

Team 3 lost to Team 5, 3 points to 5
Haskell lost to T.Orel
Esser lost to Duckers
Benson lost to Logan
Eckertson lost to Symon
R.Gaither defeated Coz Sr
Eikel defeated Cos Jr
Z.Pfannenstiel lost to Welch
S.Esser defeated A.Orel

Team 1 lost to Team 6, 1 points to 7
Little defeated Campion
Facio lost to Watson
A.Lamar lost to Herbig
Conn lost to Nass
Cioa lost to Haar
Kezlan lost to R.Martin
Charlton lost to Young
Brooks lost to JBird

Week 12 – February 2nd

Team 1 tied Team 5, 4 points to 4
T.Little defeated T.Orel
Facio defeated Duckers
Velez lost to Symon
Conn defeated Logan
Team 1 lost to Coz Sr
Coia defeated Coz Jr
Kezlan lost to Holton
Charlton lost to Welch

Team 4 lost to Team 6, 2 points to 6
N.Scherzer lost to Watson
Hogan lost to Campion
Skelly lost to Herbig
Qandil defeated Kenney
Jeff Jr defeated Smrha
Charlie Jr lost to Bolling
Manning lost to Haar
A.Coia lost to JBird

Team 2 defeated Team 3, 5 points to 3
McLaughlin defeated Haskell
Quigley lost to Esser
Rush defeated Serrone
Wagner lost to Hahs
Sowell defeated Gaither
Krueger defeated Eikel
Krueger defeated Eckertson
Skip? lost to A.Orel

Week 11 – January 19th

Team 1 defeated Team 3, 5 points to 3
T.Little defeated Team 3
Facio defeated Esser
A.Lamar lost to R.Gaither
Espinosa defeated Bjerkan
Coia lost to Hahs
Velez defeated Z.Pfannenstiel
Brooks lost to S.Esser
Kezlan defeated Eckertson

Team 2 lost to Team 6, 3 points to 5
McLaughlin defeated Watson
Quigley lost to Campion
Storm lost to Herbig
Wagner defeated Kenney
Sowell defeated Smrha
Clemmons lost to Bolling
Jeff Krueger lost to Haar
Jerry Krueger lost to JBird

Team 4 lost to Team 5, 2 points to 6
Disidore defeated C.Scherzer
Orel defeated N.Scherzer
Fish defeated Hogan
Duckers defeated Skelly
Logan lost to Qandil
Symon lost to Jeffrey Sutera
Holton defeated Clancy
Cos Jr defeated Duma

Week 10 – January 12th

Team 2 lost to Team 5, 2 points to 4
McLaughlin defeated Disidore
Rush lost to Fish
Johnson lost to Symon
Quigley/E.Storm lost to Orel/Duckers
Krueger/Gourley defeated Cosentinos
Unland/Booth lost to Welch/Marks

Team 3 lost to Team 6, 1 points to 5
Pfannenstiel lost to Campion
N.Martin defeated Vickers
A.Orel lost to R.Watson
Haskell/Esser lost to Nass/Watson
Gaither/McDowell lost to Herbig/Higgins
Eikel/Benson lost to Haar/Smrha

Team 1 tied Team 4, 3 points to 3
Little defeated N.Scherzer
Facio defeated Hogan
Espinosa lost to Qandil
A.Lamar/Coia lost to Skelly/C.Scherzer
Jones/Needles defeated B.Lamar/Duryee
Kezlan/Charlton lost to Duma/Manning

Week 9 – January 5th

Team 4 tied Team 5, 3 points to 3
N.Scherzer defeated Orel
C.Scherzer lost to Disidore
Skelly defeated Duckers
Clancy lost to G.Holton
Suteras Jr lost to Cosentinos
Duma/Finkle defeated Knutsen/R.Scherzer

Team 1 lost to Team 3, 0 points to 6
Arnett lost to N.Martin
Espinosa lost to Hahs
Facio Sr lost to Pfannenstiel
Needles/Conn lost to Haskell/F.Martin
Brooks/Coia lost to R.Gaither/McDowell
Kezlan/M.Gaither lost to Leigh/Benson

Team 2 tied Team 6, 3 points to 3
McLaughlin defeated Watson
Rush lost to Vickers
Johnson defeated Haar
Quigley/E.Storm lost to Campion/Nass
Wagner/Krueger lost to Higgins/Bolling
JeffK/Gourley defeated Jbird/Bailey

Week 8 – December 22nd

Team 1 lost to Team 6, 0 points to 6
Little forfeit to Watson
Espinosa lost to Herbig
Kezlan lost to Beamon
Facio/A.Lamar lost to Campion/Nass
Coia/Arnett lost to Bolling/Jbird
Jones/Brooks lost to Haar/Bailey

Team 2 tied Team 4, 3 points to 3
Rush lost to C.Scherzer
Johnson lost to Qandil
Clemons defeated Duma
Quigley/E.Storm lost to N.Scherzer/Hogan
Jeff.Krueger/Gourley defeated Sutera Jrs
Wagner/Sowell defeated Skelly/Duryee

Team 3 defeated Team 5, 4 points to 2
Pfannenstiel defeated Orel
Esser lost to Facio Jr
Z.Pfannenstiel defeated Knutsen
Haskell/McDowell lost to Disidore/Duckers
Serrone/Benson defeated Cosentino/Logan
Martin/Eikel defeated Welch/R.Scherzer

Week 7 – December 15th

Team 5 lost to Team 6, 1 points to 5
Fish lost to Watson
Logan lost to Herbig
Gardner lost to Helicopter Ron
Orel/Duckers defeated Vickers/Nass
Symon/Coz lost to Higgins/Bolling
R.Scherzer/Holton lost to JBird/Haar

Team 1 tied Team 2, 3 points to 3
Little defeated Rush
Campos lost to Wagner
Conn defeated Jeff Krueger
A.Lamar/Espinosa lost to Quigley/E.Storm
G.Coia/Brooks lost to Johnson/Jer.Krueger
Kezlan/Charlton defeated Bruno/Skip Eddy

Team 3 tied Team 4, 3 points to 3
Pfannenstiel/Haskell lost to N.Scherzer/Hogan
Esser/Esser lost to Duma/Budman
Gaither/Eikel defeated Skelly/Finkle
Benson/A.Orel lost to Suteras Jr
Bjerkan defeated Manning
N.Martin defeated Qandil

Week 6 – December 8th

Team 2 tied Team 3, 3 points to 3
Johnson lost to Esser
Jeff.Krueger defeated Eikel
Roudebush defeated A.Orel
Quigley/Rush lost to Pfannenstiel/Gaither
Wagner/Sowell lost to Haskell/McDowell
Gourley/Jerry.Krueger defeated Hahs/Benson

Team 1 defeated Team 5, 4 points to 2
Little defeated Orel
Coia lost to Symon
M.Gaither defeated Gardner
Facio/Jones lost to Disidore/Duckers
Espinosa/Rudy defeated Knutsen/Marks
Conn/Needles defeated Coz/Welch

Team 4 tied Team 6, 3 points to 3
Qandil lost to Vickers
Je.Sutera lost to Herbig
Duma defeated Kenney Jr.
Hogan/N.Scherzer defeated Campion/G.Storm
Skelly/C.Sutera lost to Bolling/Nass
Finkle/Duryee defeated JBird/Beamon

 Week 5 – November 17th

Team 1 defeated Team 4, 4 points to 2
Little/Lewis defeated N.Scherzer/Hogan
Facio/A.Lamar defeated Skelly/Finkle
Espinosa/Rudy defeated Qandil/Je.Sutera
Coia/Jones lost to Duma/B.Lamar
Kezlan/Needles defeated Duryee/C.Sutera.Jr
Brooks/M.Gaither lost to Paratore/Clancy

Team 2 tied Team 5, 3 points to 3
McLaughlin/Rush defeated Orel/Duckers
Quigley/Sowell lost to Bembynista/Symon
Krueger/Wagner defeated Coz/Logan
Booth/Krueger lost to Knutsen/Marks
Gourley/Bruno defeated Sparks/R.Scherzer
Team 2 lost to Team 5

Team 3 tied Team 6, 3 points to 3
Pfannenstiel/Haskell defeated Campion/Watson
Gaither/Esser lost to Vickers/Nass
Serrone/McDowell defeated Bolline/Kenney
Benson/Hahs lost to Smrha/Higgins
F.Martin/Eikle defeated JBird/Haar
A.Orel/Eckertson lost to Bailey/Wetmore

Week 4 – November 10th

Team 4 lost to Team 6, 1 points to 5
Hogan/C.Scherzer lost to Campion/Herbig
Skelly/J.Sutera lost to Nass/Higgins
Finkle/Duma lost to Haar/Bailey
Qandil/B.Lamar lost to Smrha/Bolling
Jeff Sutera/Duryee defeated Kenney/Martin
C.Sutera/Manning lost to Wetmore/Lapin

Team 2 defeated Team 3, 4 points to 2
Pfannenstiel/Esser defeated McLaughlin/Storm
Haskell/McDowell lost to Quigley/Rush
Serrone/N.Martin defeated Wagner/Sowell
Gaither/Hahs defeated McCay/Krueger
Leigh/Eikel lost to Krueger/Gourley
Bjerken/Eckertson lost to Unland/Bruno

Team 1 tied Team 5, 3 points to 3
Lewis/Facio lost to Orel/Duckers
A.Lamar/G.Coia lost to Bembynista/Symon
Jones/Cheeto lost to Coz/Coz
Espinosa/Rudy defeated Knutsen/Marks
Conn/Kezlan defeated Welch/Sparks
Charlton defeated Gardner

Week 3 – November 3rd

Team 3 lost to Team 5, 2 points to 4
Pfannenstiel/Esser defeated Orel/Duckers
Serrone/Eikel lost to Bembynista/Symon
Gaither/Benson defeated Knutsen/Marks
Z.Pfannenstiel/S.Esser lost to Holton/R.Scherzer
Bjerkan/Eckertson lost to Welch/Coz Jr
A.Orel lost to Sparks

Team 1 lost to Team 6, 2 points to 4
Little/Lewis defeated Campion/Watson
Lamar/Facio lost to Vickers/Herbig
Espinosa/Rudy lost to Nass/Bailey
Coia/Brooks lost to Smrha/Haar
Conn/Needles defeated Denney/Martin
Kezlan/Charlton lost to Wetmore/Lapin

Team 2 defeated Team 4, 5 points to 0
McLaughlin/Storm defeated Hogan/N.Scherzer
Quigley/Rush defeated Skelly/C.Sutera
Sowell/Jeff Krueger defeated Finkle/Duma
Wagner/JerryKrueger defeated Qandil/Duryee
Unland/Jarrett defeated J.Sutera/Manning

 Week 2 – October 27th

Team 2 lost to Team 6, 1 points to 5
McLaughlin/Rush lost to Watson/Campion
Quigley/Sowell lost to Nass/Vickers
Krueger/Krueger lost to Smrha/JBird
Ferre/Northcraft lost to Beamon/Kenney
Wagner/Clemons lost to Bolling/Higgins
Booth/Unland defeated Wetmore/Lapin

Team 4 defeated Team 5, 3 points to 2
Orel/Duckers defeated Scherzer/Scherzer
Logan/Coz Sr lost to Hogan/Paratore
Knutsen/Marks defeated Qandil/Duma
R.Scherzer lost to J.Sutera/Finkle
Welch/Sparks defeated Manning/A.Coia

Team 1 lost to Team 3, 2 points to 4
Lewis/Facio lost to P.Pfannenstiel/J.Esser
A.Lamar/Velez lost to Haskell/McDowell
Espinosa/Rudy lost to Gaither/Hahs
G.Coia/Jones defeated Leigh/A.Orel
Conn/Needles defeated Z.Pfannenstiel/S.Esser
Kezlan/Charlton lost to Eckertson/Bjerkan

Week 1 – October 20th

Team 1 tied Team 2, 3 points to 3
Facio/Lewis lost to McLaughlin/Rush
A.Lamar/Jones lost to Quigley/E.Storm
Espinosa/Rudy defeated Johnson/Wagner
Conn/Needles defeated Gourley/Krueger
Brooks/Kezlan lost to Clemons/Krueger
Charlton/Coia defeated Jarrett/Keegan

Team 3 tied Team 4, 3 points to 3
Gaither/Pfannenstiel defeated Scherzer/Scherzer
Serrone/Martin lost to Hogan/Skelly
Hahs/Bjerkan lost to Qandil/JeffreySutera
Skippy/Eikel defeated Duryee/Paratore
Shoelss Fred defeated Manning
Team 3 lost to Team 4

Team 5 lost to Team 6, 0 points to 6
Knutsen/Coz Sr lost to Vickers/Nass
Coz Jr/Welch lost to Bolling/Hogdog
Holton/R.Scherzer lost to Smrha/Haar
Sparks/Baska lost to JBird/Wetmore
Orel lost to Watson
Team 5 lost to Team 6

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