2012 League Archive

Current Standings (as of Week 14, 03/07/13)
Team Wins Losses Points back

Team 6 51 33
Team 2 44 40 7
Team 5 44 40 7
Team 3 43 41 8
Team 4 37 47 14
Team 1 33 51 18

Week 15 – March 14th

Herbig (4-2) defeated Pfanny/Esser (2-4)
Campion defeated Facio Sr.
Vickers lost to Lewis
Duryee defeated Eckertson
J Bird/Bailey lost to Smrha/Vollink
Skelly/Cos Sr defeated S. Esser/Young
Eikel/Leigh defeated Z Pfanny/Birge

Coia (5-1) defeated Hogan (1-5)
Fish defeated Jeff Kruger
Kezlan defeated Jerry Kruger
A. Coia defeated Denney
D Little/Holton defeated Haskell/Cos Jr
Knutsen/Needles defeated Duma/R Scherzer
Bjerkan/Coia lost to Charlton/Macan

Johnson/Sowell (2-4) lost to Orel (4-2)
Mclaughlin lost to T. Orel
Johnson defeated Felipe
Quigley/Nass lost to Serrone/Duckers
Wagner/Sowell defeated Haha/Conn
Wetmore/Frey lost to A. Orel/Reiff
Franklin/R. Scherzer lost to Welch/Denney

Pool Play
N. Scherzer/Macan defeated Hogan/Cates


Week 14 – March 7th

Orel (2-4) lost to Pfanny/Esser (4-2)
Orel/C. Scherzer defeated P. Pfanny/Lewis
Serrone/A. Orel lost to Facio Sr/Symon
Lamar/R. Martin defeated Esser/Young
Hahs/Welch lost to Smrha/Birge
Alex Orel lost to Z. Pfanny
Keegan lost to Eckertson

Herbig/Jbird(4-2) defeated Hogan (2-4)
Herbig defeated HoganSkelly defeated Logan
Vickers lost to RushCos lost to Jeff Kruger
Eikel/Jbird defeated R. Scherzer/Duma
Langmack/Duryee defeated Charton/Franklin

Coia (2-4) lost to Johnson (4-2)
Willis defeated Benny
Espinoza lost to Johnson
A. Coia lost to Conrad
Little/Holton defeated Nass/Mcdowell
Knutsen/Coia lost to  Wagner/Sowell
Vader/Victor lost to Wetmore/B Lamar

Pool Play
Kezlan lost to Bjerkan

Week 13 – February 28th

Johnson/Sowell(3-3) tied Hogan (3-3)
Mclaughlin defeated Rush
Johnson defeated Logan
Boomer lost to Maheny
Quigley/Sowell defeated Scherzer/Sutera
Wagner/Gorley lost to Kruger/Cos Jr
Roudebush/Lamar lost to Duma/R. Scherzer

Herbig/Jbird (2-4) lost to Orel (4-2)
Facio Jr lost to T. Orel
Vickers lost to C. Scherzer
Herbig/Cos defeated Duckers/Marcos
Duryee/Eikel defeated Hahs/A. Orel
Franklin lost to Keegan
Herbig forfeits

Coia (2-4) vs. Pfanny/Esser (4-2)
Little/Little defeated Facio/Symon
Coia/Knutsen lost to S Esser/Young
Derting/Holton lost to Z Pfanny/Birge
Willis defeated Lewis
Kezlan lost to Ekertson
Coia forfeit

Week 12 – February 7th

Coia (2-4) lost Orel (4-2)
Willis defeated T. Orel
Mendez lost to R. Martin
A. Coia lost to A. Orel
Little/Little defeated Serrone/Duckers
G. Coia/Espinoza lost to Lamar/Campos
Bjerkan/Derting lost to Hahs/Marks

Hogan (2-4) lost to Pfanny/Esser  (4-2)
N. Scherzer lost to P. Pfanny
Jeff Kruger lost to S. Esser
Haskell/Rush defeated Facio Sr/Symon
Charlton/R. Scherzer lost to Vollink/Birge
Duma/Logan defeated Young/Benson
Phanny/Esser win by forfeit

Johnson/Sowell (3-3) tied Herbig/Jbird  (3-3)
Benny lost to Hector JR
Quigley defeated Vickers
Gorley lost to Don Eikel
Wagner/Mcdowell defeated Skelly/Leigh
Mclaughlin/Nass defeated Campion/Suter JR
Frey/Wetmore lost to Bailey/Jbird

Week 11 – January 31st

Matches did not count, it was Mixer night

Week 10 – January 17th

Johnson/Sowell (4-2) defeat Orel (2-4)
Mclaughlin defeated C. Scherzer
Benny defeated T. Orel
Johnson lost to R. Martin
Quigley/Nass defeated Serrone/Duckers
Wagner/Mcdowell defeated A. Orel/Felipe
Roudebush/B. Lamar lost to Welch/Marks

Herbig/Jbird (1-5) lost to Pfanny/Esser  (5-1)
Facio Jr lost to P. Pfanny
Herbig defeated Facio Sr.
Franklin lost to Eckertson
Skelly/Jbird lost to Bolling/Young
Eikel/Bailey lost to Clemons/Esser
Unland/Duryee lost to Vollink/Birge

Coia (3-3) tied Hogan  (3-3)
Willis defeated N. Scherzer
A. Coia defeated T. Denney
Coia/Finkle lost to Smith/Gourley
Little/Little defeated Hogan/Haskell
Bjerkan/Mendez lost to Duma/Ron Scherzer
Coia forfeits

Pool Play
Danny Cates defeated Ryan Charlton

Week 9 – January 10th

Hogan (4-2) vs. Orel (2-4)
N Scherzer defeats C Sherzer
Hogan defeats Duckers
Duma lost to R. Martin
Haskell/Rush defeated A Lamar/Serrone
Jeff Kruger/Logan defeated Hahs/Felipe
Charlton/Macan lost to A. Orel/Reiff

Coia (1-5) vs. Herbig/Jbird (5-1)
Bill Fish lost to Herbig
Coia lost to Vickers
A. Coia lost to Langmack
Storm/Mendez lost to Skelly/Higgins
Team Coia wins by Forfeit
Team Herbig/Jbird win by Forfeit

Johnson/Sowell (2-4) vs. Pfanny/Esser  (4-2)
Mclaughlin lost to P. Pfanny
Paratore lost to S. Esser
Roudebush defeated Eckertson
Quigley/Sowell lost to Lewis/Facio Sr
B. Lamar/Duryee defeated F. Martin/Young
Wagner/Johnson lost to Bolling/Birge

Week 8 – January 3rd

Coia (3-3) vs. Pfanny/Esser(3-3)
T.Little/D.Little defeat Pfanny/Facio
Coia/Derting defeat Vollink/Young
Haar lost to Bolling
Knutsen/Finkle defeated S. Esser/Z. Pfanny
A. Coia lost to Eckertson
Coia Forfeits (no show Ryan Willis)

Johnson/Sowell (2-4) vs. Hogan (4-2)
Mclaughlin/Nass lost to N. Scherzer/Rush
Sowell/Wagner defeats Kruger/Kruger
Johnson lost to Hogan
Gourley lost to Duma
Skip Eddy lost to Cates
Bob Frey defeats Jake Maheny

Herbig/JBird (2-4) vs. Orel (4-2)
C. Scherzer defeats Vickers
Andy Orel lost to Don Eikel
T. Orel/Serrone defeat Herbig/Hogdog
R. Martin/Felipe lost to Skelly/Cos
Welch/Reiff defeat Duryee/Bailey
Herbig forfeits

Pool Play
Bjerkan defeated Franklin
Macan/Eckertson defeat Charlton/Denney

Week 7 – December 13th

Team Herbig/Jbird lost to team Hogan  2-4
Vickers/Cos Sr lost to Jeff Kruger/Rush
Bailey/Sutera lost to Cates/Franklin
Jeff Sutera JR defeated Logan Smith
Don Eikel defeated Duma
Herbig/Jbird forfeit loss
Herbig/Jbird forfeit loss

Team Orel tied Team Pfanny/Esser 3-3
Tony Orel/Craig lost to Pfanny/Facio Sr
Serrone/Duckers defeated Lewis/Bolling
Lamar/Campos defeated Esser/Benson
Andy Orel/Welch lost to Volink/Symon
Hahs/Reiff defeated Clemons/Beamon
Alex Orel lost to Eckertson

Team Coia lost to team Johnson/Sowell 2-4
Bjerkan lost to Sowell
A. Coia lost to Skippy Eddy
Storm/Finkle lost to Mcdowell/Quigley
G. Coia/Holton defeated Kenny/Kenny Sr.
Coia Forfeits one match
Johnson/Sowell Forfeit one match

Pool Play
Nick Scherzer beat the everloving shit out of Hogan

Week 6 – November 29th

Team Johnson/Sowell tied Team Herbig/JBird 3-3
Mclaughlin defeated Disidore
Will Johnson lost to Skelly
Bob Frey defeated Jason Franklin
Sowell//Gourley defeated Higgins/Jbird
Nass/Quigley lost to Campion/Herbig
Team Johnson/Sowell forfeits

Team Coia lost to Team Orel 2-4
Willis defeated Craig Scherzer
Kezlan lost to Welch
Bjerkan lost to R. Martin
Vader/D. Little lost to Orel/Duckers
Knutsen/Needles defeated Serrone/Reiff
Derting/A. Coia lost to A. Orel/Keegan

Team Hogan lost to Team Pfanny/Esser 2-4
Hogan/Sutera defeated Facio/Lewis
Haskell/N. Scherz lost to Pfanny/J. Esser
Smrha/Birge defeated Charlton/R. Scherz
Jeff Kruger/Cos Jr vs. Bolling/S. Esser
Duma lost Clemons
Pfanny/Esser win by forfeit

Pool Play
Qandil defeated Lamar
Macan/Keegan defeated Young/Eckertson
Lil Charlie lost to Eikel

Week 5 – November 15th

Team 1 lost to Team 4, 2 point to 4
Team1 forfeits to Team4
Haar lost to Jeff Kruger
Holton defeated Charlton
D Little/Coia lost to Haskell/Hogan
Storm/Finkle defeated Cos Jr/Sutera Sr
Knutsen/Needles lost to Duma/R Scherzer

Team 2 defeated Team 5, 4 points to 2
Benny lost to T. Orel
Sowell lost to Qandil
Mclaughlin/Nass defeated C Scherzer/Duckers
Quigley/Mcdowell defeated Lamar/R Martin
Wetmore/B Lamar defeated A Orel/Reiff
Gorley/Paratore defeated Conn/Keegan

Team 3 tied Team 6, 3 points to 3
Disidore lost to Pfanny
Vickers defeated Lewis
Duryee defeated Eckerston
Jeff Sutera/Cos Sr defeated Gaither/Symon
Skelly/Higgins lost to S Esser/Benson
Team3 forfeits to Team6

Pool Play

Week 4 – November 8th

Team 4 lost to Team 6, 1 point to 5
Nick Scherzer lost to Paul Pfanny
Jeff Kruger lost to Sam Esser
John Duma defeated Zack Pfanny
Danny Cates lost to Jeremy Young
Hogan/Haskell lost to Facio/J Esser
Charlton/Lil Charlie lost to Birge/Benson

Team 2 tied Team 3, 3 points to 3
Mclaughlin lost to Disidore
Quigley lost to Vickers
Wagner lost to Jeff Sutera Jr
Benny/Sowell defeated Skelly/Cos Sr
Gourley/Frey defeated Eikel/Unland
Team 2 defeated Team 3 forfeit

Team 1 lost to Team 5, 1 points to 5
Willis defeated Duckers
Kezlan lost to Qandil
Derting lost to Welch
A. Coia lost to Keegan
D. Little/Coia lost Lamar/T. Orel
Knutsen/Holton lost R. Martin/Reiff

Pool Play
Young defeated Cates

Week 3 – November 1st

Team 3 defeatedTeam 5, 4 point to 2
Disidore defeated Duckers
Vickers defeated Serrone
Sutera Jr defeated Lamar
Leigh lost to Qandil
Duryee/Bailey lost to A.Orel/Welch
Skelly/Eikel defeated Hahs/Reiff

Team 1 tied Team 6, 3 points to 3
Willis defeated Pfannenstiel
Bjerkan defeated Young
Kezlan lost to Beamon
D.Little/Coia lost to Symon/Facio
Finkle/Holton defeated Juarez/Eckertson
Needles/Knutsen lost to Smrha/Lewis

Team 2 tied Team 4, 3 points to 3
McLaughlin defeated N.Scherzer
Wagner lost to Jeff Krueger
Kenney Jr lost to L.Smith
Benny/McDowell defeated Duma/R.Scherzer
Wetmore/Frey defeated Charlton/C.Sutera Jr
Quigley/Nass lost to Haskell/Hogan

Pool Play
S.Esser defeated Z.Pfannenstiel
Vollink/Franklin defeated Macan/Birge
R.Martin defeated A.Coia

Week 2 – October 25th

Team 2 tied Team 6, 3 point to 3
Johnson/Quigley lost to Lewis/Bolling
Mclaughlin/Nass defeated Pfannenstiel/Esser
B.Lamar/Gourley lost to S.Esser/Z.Pfannenstiel
Sowell defeated Symon
N.Martin lost to Facio
Wagner defeated Clemons

Team 4 tied Team 5, 3 points to 3
N.Scherzer defeated C.Scherzer
Duma lost to R.Martin
Sutera/Hogan defeated A.Lamar/Duckers
Smith/Jeff Krueger defeated Hahs/Marks
Sutera Jr/Charlton lost to A.Orel/Reiff
Macan/Cates lost to Welch/Keegan

Team 1 tied Team 3, 3 points to 3
Willis defeated Campion
Coia defeated Jeffrey Jr
Kezlan defeated Waldo
Bjerken lost to Langmack
D.Little/Finkle lost to Disidore/Coz Sr
Knutsen/Needles lost to Skelly/Eikel

Week 1 – October 11th

Team 1 lost to Team 2, 2 point to 4
Willis defeated McLaughlin
Kezlan lost to Paratore
A.Coia lost to Skippy Eddy
D.Little/Holton lost to Benny/Nasty
Knutsen/Needles defeated Wagner/Sowell
Finkle/Bjerkan lost to Wetmore/Lamar

Team 3 defeated Team 4, 4 points to 2
Campion defeated N.Scherzer
Disidore/Sutera Jr lost to Haskell/Hogan
Vickers defeated Jeff Krueger
Franklin lost to Maheney
Skelly/Cos Sr defeated Logan/Cos Jr
JBird/Bailey defeated Duma/Charlton

Team 5 tied Team 6, 3 points to 3
Orel lost to P.Pfannenstiel
C.Scherzer defeated J.Esser
A.Lamar/Duckers lost to Facio/Symon
Serrone/Hahs lost to Lewis/Bolling
Conn/Marks defeated Gaither/S.Esser
R.Martin/A.Orel defeated Z.Pfannenstiel/Volink

Pool Play
Macan defeated Cates


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