In order to increase competition, we have designed a system to rate each player based on their singles and doubles skill level. This system will be used by the captains when scheduling their matches every week. Here is how it works:

We are assigned a four digit skill number. The numbers are between 1 and 4. They are broken into two groups: Your first two numbers are your singles rating, your second two are your doubles rating. Of the first two (the singles rating), the first number is your level, the second number is the level you’re eligible for. For example, we’ll take this number:


This means that I am a level 2 singles player, but I am eligible for level 1 matches. My captain would try to schedule me in all level 2 matches, but if he needed to he could schedule me for level 1 matches as well. The exact same logic applies to the second two numbers in my rating for my doubles skill level.


Who came up with this?
This was shared to us by our St. Louis friends. They apply this to their league and they said it works wonderfully.

Who decided on our ratings?
They are updated every year by Nick Scherzer before league begins. If you are concerned about your rating number, please let me know and we can discuss it. There are still a few adjustments to be made, but we all agreed that these are the most fair numbers for everyone.

What are the numbers again?
The numbers in order, are: 11, 12, 21, 22, 23, 32, 33, 34, 43, 44. The numbers 11, 22, 33, 44 mean that you can only play the same level as your own. So if you’re a 22, you can only play level 2 players.

This is BS, I’m not a 23 in doubles!!!
Well then win! You can play out of your rating. If you win 2 times against the level you are at (not the the level below) you will move up a level. If you are a 23 in doubles and you win 2 games against level 2 doubles, then you will graduate to a level 22. If you win 2 more, you will move up again to a 21. Same for losing as well. If you lose 3 within your level, then you will drop a rating. So if you are a 23 doubles and you lose 3 times in 2 or 3 doubles, then you will be demoted to a 32 doubles rating.

I still don’t like it!
Keep an open mind. This is a work in progress. We don’t want our players fighting all that traffic, paying $5 to get in, then playing a match that they are too good or bad for. Nobody gets better when you are stuck in a lopsided match. This is our effort at scheduling the most competitive matches possible. We’ll make changes to it if it isn’t working.

So I can only play 3’s?
No, that’s who we’d like you to play. Our goal is to get everyone in the best matchup. If that’s not possible, then we’ll do the next best thing. If we can’t put you in a match at or near your level, we’ll then just try to put the best matches together. We’re not tied to this, this is just a guide.

I’m still confused.
You’re an idiot.

I just won contenders at the Heart of America, make me an 11!
Tournaments and pickup games do not count. You can only affect your rating through the league. It would be too much work tracking every single match people play to include all handball, so we’re limiting it to the league.