KCAC Doubles Champs

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Current Champs: Felipe Campos & Marcos Espinosa

Felipe & Marcos



Outdoor and Big Ball specialists Felipe and Marcos are the inaugural KCAC Doubles Champions. They outlasted Storm & N.Scherzer in the original belt tournament finals, after bouncing a tough Macan & Duckers in a semifinal tie breaker. Complementary players that have been doubles partners since they joined the KCAC over 5 years ago, Felipe and Marcos are a force to be reckoned with on the 3 wall courts. Both hard hitters that can fly just about any shot.



Felipe and Marcos won their title on July 8th. THey have until august 19th to defend their title


This list contains the contenders for the KCAC Doubles Belts. If you would like to contend, please reach out to Ron Martin, Tony Orel, or Nick Scherzer and we will add your name to the list.
Hector Facio Jr & Chip Morales
Nick Scherzer & Chris Storm
John Macan & Danny Cates


Title Defenses