KCAC Doubles Champs

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Current Champs: Chip Morales & Hector Facio Jr

Arguably the best two handball players in Kansas City have teamed up to take the belts, and it is going to take a helluva team to take these guys down. Chip, a crafty veteran who has played on the pro tour, has a devastating serve with his right that works indoor and outdoor, and a strong left, making him a dual threat in the front court. His partner Junior, is one of the hardest hitters in outdoor while also bringing one of the city’s best killshots inside. A frontcourt speedster and a strong deep player will not lose too many games outside.



Chip & Junior won their title on August 7th by defeating initial champs Campos & Espinosa 21-9, 21-8. THey have until September 18th to defend their title


This list contains the contenders for the KCAC Doubles Belts. If you would like to contend, please reach out to Ron Martin, Tony Orel, or Nick Scherzer and we will add your name to the list.
John Macan & Danny Cates
Nick Scherzer & Mitch Meagher


Title Defenses