League regular season 2 weeks remaining

With only 2 weeks remaining, the league race to the playoffs is getting exciting. In the Quigley Division Team Killshot managed by Nick and The Rebels managed by Ron have both been mathematically eliminated from contending for the championship. Nick’s team is 12 games back on the 2nd playoff spot, so even winning his final 10 games and Cates’ Cobra losing all would still finish 2 back. The Rebels are only 10 back and could force a tie-breaker, but will lose that TB based on a losing record of 4-6 in head-to-head with Cobra. That means that Herbig’s Heroes and Cobra have punched their ticket to the postseason, but the division is still up for grabs. Keep an eye on this coming week 14 as these two teams play each other. It will likely settle who wins the division and could very well be a preview of the Championship.

In the Quirk division, The Stormtroopers are still barely alive in the Quigley division after a 5-0 performance last night. They are 7 games back on the remaining playoff spot and will nearly need to win all 10 games remaining to have a chance. After that it is a 3 team toss up for first and second place. The Douchebags made a leap with a big 4-1 performance over Moral Orels, so they are currently in the drivers seat with a very strong chance of winning the division. But that leaves Team Dynamite and Moral Orels tied for 2nd place and playing for the final post season spot.

Good luck to those still fighting, and to those who have been knocked out, don’t leave yet. We will be playing for all the way down to 8th place for a very special trophy.

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