KCAC Town Hall June 20th, at 7pm

With the closing of the Athletic Club of Overland Park we have found our handball community without a home to play indoor handball. To make the best decisions around the future of our handball community, we are hosting a Town Hall on June 20th at 7pm at the Kansas City Athletic Club, 845 Armstrong, Kansas City, KS 66101. This goal of this meeting is to outline all of our options for an indoor handball facility.

Outdoor events

Please save the dates for the following outdoor events provided by the KCAC this summer:

  • Tim Nass KC 3 Wall: June 13th – 16th
  • Paul Quirk Doubles: August 8th – 11th
  • KCAC Big Ball: September 14th
  • Wormburner Golf tournament: September 27th

KC 3 Wall

Behold! The best outdoor singles event of the year has a date. Come one, come all and enjoy handball on perfect courts, great camaraderie, and eat some delicious food. This event is the pride of the KCAC so you know you’ll enjoy yourself. We’re also putting up a bigger cash prize for winning, so expect some tough competition for the coveted Open Singles title. Some of the greatest outdoor handball players of all time can be counted among the singles champs in this event.

We look forward to having everyone in.

Final Final at the OP Club

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you may have heard that our beloved OP Club will be shuttering it’s doors for good on May 3rd. We have asked our close friends at the OP Club if we can have one final sendoff on our courts next Thursday, and they gave us their blessing, so…

We are having a final league night on THURSDAY MAY 2ND. We will play all doubles, possibly matches to 15 depending on how many we get signed up. If you would like to play please fill out the form below and I will organize you into our matches. I’m going to align matches around skills so don’t get your feelings hurt if you don’t get to play with who you want. All matches will be on the bar courts unless we need to spill over to the other courts. If you are not an OP member you are still required to pay your $7 league fee at the door.

There will also be a special prize to whoever plays handball in the silliest outfit, so dress accordingly. We’ll take pictures so we can fondly remember our home for the past 30+ years.

Hot Dog Ho Down

On Saturday May 18th, the one day blind doubles tournament extravaganza at the KCAC outdoor courts.

This tournament is to benefit the weekly Thursday Night Cookouts that everyone enjoys so much put on by Ronnie Scherzer and Tom Balint. Please see the attached flyer for all of the information you will need to participate in this fun introduction to KC 3 Wall handball

League postseason this week

Congratulations to regular season champs Herbig’s Heroes. They hung on to the lead and held back Team Crack. Now we head into the postseason this Thursday as the #1 seed Herbig takes on 4th place Moral Orels. On the other side of the bracket the runner up Team Crack will take on the 3rd place finisher D-bags v2.0. From here out: Only qualified rosters allowed, all 6 matches are counted equally, and keep track of your exact scores in case we finish with a 3 to 3 match tie. The tie breaker is total points scored of all of the matches. Good luck to everyone this week and let’s have a great finish.

ps – oh yeah our 5th and 6th place teams are still on the schedule to play handball this week. So don’t think you can start your handball sabbatical just yet.