See you in Des Moines the weekend of April 22nd for the Tallcorn handball tournament. This is a great event put on by our friends from the Des Moines Hinder Club. The tournament is at the Wellmark YMCA in downtown Des Moines. The flier is attached to the calendar on our site and you can learn more at the tournament site here.

League Finals next Thursday

It comes down to Herbig’s Heroes vs Cobra for the league championship. They will play all feature matches next Thursday on the cafe courts. Come out and watch it go down, it should be a great matchup. The rest of the matchups are below. Please check the court sheet for start times of all matches.

League schedule for Thursday, February 23rd

For this coming league night, this is the order of the captain’s matches:

  • Cates vs Pfannenstiel 5pm
  • Herbig vs Orel 5pm-6pm
  • R.Scherzer vs Storm 6pm
  • N.Scherzer vs Meagher 6pm-7pm

If you play for the above captain, your start time will be that unless told otherwise. Good luck to everyone this week.

KC Metro handball league postseason is here

Congratulations to our division winners and runner ups:

  • Quigley division champion Paul Pfannenstiel’s team The Douchebags
  • 2nd place finisher Tony Orel’s team Moral Orels
  • Quirk division champion Chris Herbig’s team Herbig’s Heroes
  • 2nd place finisher Danny Cates’ team Cobra

These teams will compete for the league championship. The 2nd place team of each division will play against the Division champ. So this Thursday The Douchebags will play against Cobra, and Herbig’s Heroes will play against Moral Orels.

The remaining teams will play in a dropdown bracket as well. Please see the brackets below for the complete matchups. Match times for next Thursday will be updated soon.

League regular season 2 weeks remaining

With only 2 weeks remaining, the league race to the playoffs is getting exciting. In the Quigley Division Team Killshot managed by Nick and The Rebels managed by Ron have both been mathematically eliminated from contending for the championship. Nick’s team is 12 games back on the 2nd playoff spot, so even winning his final 10 games and Cates’ Cobra losing all would still finish 2 back. The Rebels are only 10 back and could force a tie-breaker, but will lose that TB based on a losing record of 4-6 in head-to-head with Cobra. That means that Herbig’s Heroes and Cobra have punched their ticket to the postseason, but the division is still up for grabs. Keep an eye on this coming week 14 as these two teams play each other. It will likely settle who wins the division and could very well be a preview of the Championship.

In the Quirk division, The Stormtroopers are still barely alive in the Quigley division after a 5-0 performance last night. They are 7 games back on the remaining playoff spot and will nearly need to win all 10 games remaining to have a chance. After that it is a 3 team toss up for first and second place. The Douchebags made a leap with a big 4-1 performance over Moral Orels, so they are currently in the drivers seat with a very strong chance of winning the division. But that leaves Team Dynamite and Moral Orels tied for 2nd place and playing for the final post season spot.

Good luck to those still fighting, and to those who have been knocked out, don’t leave yet. We will be playing for all the way down to 8th place for a very special trophy.

St. Louis doubles

This is your reminder to enter for the Missouri State Doubles handball tournament. My personal favorite tournament, this one is perfect for KC handballers looking for a weekend out of town. Great competition, the best indoor facility in the country, and exceptional dudes…except for Bozzay. I’m kidding of course.

St. Louis doubles entry

We’ve been hacked!

How flattering. We’re a simple website where we post handball news to about 150 guys in one city and someone thought it was valuable enough to hack us and place a bunch of random stuff on our site. Sooo, yeah. Good talk

St. Louis handball tournaments

The St. Louis Hinder club has posted their two upcoming tournaments. The dates are below.

State Doubles tournament at St. Louis Hinder Club. January 27-28-29. Drop-downs in all divisions – guaranteed of at least 2 matches.

And the State Singles will be at the Hinder Club Apr 28-29-30.