5 days til WimbleDotte

We are counting down the final days until our big WimbleDotte tournament. Check back here every day for some WimbleDotte history.

The first WimbleDotte

The first WimbleDotte took place 112 years ago in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, what is now the West Bottoms neighborhood. The tournament was conceived by good friends Aloysius Everton Pepperbrock and Samuel Kriegsworth Finsington, pictured here:

The two gentlemen concocted an idea to introduce new players to their favorite sport of handball by only allowing new guys to play in a bracket format. Back then, handball was played in alleys using a small, hard ball, or simply, rocks. While this was fun for Aloysius, Samuel, and their friends, they were compared unfavorably to other local sports of that era like cat wrangling, fist fighting, and surviving diarrhea. Pepperbrock and Finsington enjoyed their unique sport, but realized their game would not survive unless they started inviting new people to play. the first WimbleDotte was held on a Sunny Saturday morning with 49 new players being invited. Two players died that morning from different ailments, but otherwise the tournament was a big success. Lemmy “one eye” Hightower proved to be one of the favorites that day as he fought his way into the finals, but nobody was a match for Seamus O’Shaughnessy. The Irish paint-peeler dominated his competition with an array of tremendous pass shots with his one good arm. By 4am that morning, the competition wound down and O’Shaughnessy was declared the winner as the runner-up finally succumbed to his wounds after taking the lead 76 – 72. Hightower’s remains were subsequently sold to a medical research organization.

The first WimbleDotte was well received and the next 10 kept the momentum going strong for the thriving sport of handball in the Midwest. Pepperbrock and Kinsington were proud of their brilliant concept and helped forge what would eventually become the Kansas City Athletic Club.

Check back tomorrow for more installments of WimbleDotte history

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Memorial Day

We’re taking it easy at the KCAC on a beautiful Monday


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League MVPs

As I run down this year’s league MVPs, I will get a picture of them with their new trophy and post it here. Check back on this page for updates.

2013-2014 League MVPs

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KC 3 Wall

The (other) world’ greatest handball tournament is just over a month away. Please get your entry in and join us this summer for some great handball!!

The Kansas City Athletic Club Presents the 38th Annual

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WimbleDotte is ONE MONTH AWAY. Get your entry in to me if you are an alumni, get your friend’s entry in to me if you have a buddy that is interested in playing in it. If you have never played, singles outdoor handball is the toughest workout in the world, and everyone you play against will be evenly matched with you because they’ve never played it either. This is a great party with perfect weather, and it is an opportunity to meet a bunch of friends.


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St. Louis results

Congrats to KCAC members Paul Pfannenstiel and Sam Esser on their Missouri State wins. All division results and a couple of photos of the new addition at the St. Louis hinder club are below.

  • Men’s Open: Dave Chapman defeated Kevin Pettus, 21-8, 21-11
  • Women’s Open: Mikaila Mitchell defeated Rachael LeBaube, 21-2, 21-2
  • A: Sam Esser defeated Ryan Snyder, 21-11, 21-16
  • B: Jimmy Alden defeated John Turek, 20-21, 21-5, 11-8
  • 50-A: Paul Pfannenstiel defeated Tom Bembynista, 21-13, 21-1
  • 50-B: Bill DeRoze defeated Bill Lemp, 21-5, 17-21, 11-7
  • 60: Jim Fox defeated Lary Bozzay, 21-3, 21-7
  • 70: Jim Ward defeated Rick Beaman, 21-6, 21-9
  • 65 Doubles (Round-Robin): Chuck Gottlieb & Gary Brake (1st), Jim Ward & Jerry Soke
  • Jim Fox & Tim Nass were inducted into the Missouri State Handball Hall of Fame
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Dianne Cosentino rest in peace

Services will be Monday 4/14 at Holy Family Parish:

916 NE 96th St.
Kansas City, MO64155
Visitation at Noon
Catholic Mass to follow

Please keep Jim Jr, Tracy, Coz, and all the kids and grandkids and all of Dianne Cosentino’s family in your prayers.

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Service for Jerry Sutera

Visitation/rosary Friday 5-8pm St. Agnes gym

Funeral Saturday 10am St. Agnes church.

Burial following at Mr Calvary at 38th State Ave KCK

Luncheon/party Bishop Miege Commons

From Sam Sutera:

“My dad would be upset if anyone canceled any pre-existing plans to attend these services. As he use to say ‘if I’m dead, I won’t mind’”


PS – Please say a prayer for the Cosentino family. Diane Cosentino, Jim Sr’s ex and Jimmy Cos Jr’s mom went to be with our Lord. Cos said he believed the service for Diane will be Monday at noon. Cos thought it would be an all inclusive service.

Please keep Cosentino’s and Sutera’s in your prayers and I will update the site with new details when I receive them.

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Jerry Sutera rest in peace

from Lou…

To the Handball Community and selected others:

First off stop everything you are doing and say a prayer for Jerry Sutera, his wife Linda and all the kids, mom Sutera and the entire Sutera family.  When you get home tonight hug your kids, your wife and other significant family members and tell them how much you love them.  Two and one half weeks ago Jerry Sutera worked out for the first time at the ACOP looking forward to further rehabilitating his knee replacement and getting back in shape.

For what ever reason Jerry fell down the basement steps in his home around mid-night that night and went to be with our Lord about mid night last night two and one half weeks later.   None of us know the day or the hour that will be our last so forgive those you are mad at or have done you wrong and enjoy the minutes, the precious minutes on this earth with the one’s you love.  No matter when,  it is a short ride so make it a good one and tell someone you care about today how much you love and appreciate them.

I wish everyone single person on this list and all of your families and your extended families the very best.  Again, especially pray for the Sutera’s and the healing and understanding that only God can provide.

Services for Jerry are unknown at this time.   Autopsy is being performed and as soon as we know something we will let you know.

God Bless!

Spaghetti Out!

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Clean the hole

Dear strange people masquerading as handball players,

Since tom marks fired Cinderella for talking to much, we no longer have someone to clean our club.  In light of this, Saturday April 12th will be the annual KCAC clean up day.   This will include, but not limited to:  mopping, leaf removal, sweeping, weed killing, bathrooms cleaned, and trash pick up.  A task list will be provided for your consideration.  Once the work is done, dogs and handball will be served up later in the day just before the Skelly/Frey nude, thumb wrestling finals.

Oh, and on a final note:  any patrons arriving at the club before 7am should be prepared to see the two Jims (wing, sutera) spooning on the upstairs’ couch.  …shhhhhh, aren’t they sweet..


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