50th Heart of America Handball Tournament is in the Books!

Open Singles – was a slug fest from start to Finish – with Jeff Streibig beating all comers and winning the final 21-16 and 21-9 vs Ryan Willis.

Open Doubles – What strategy Will Lemp and Eric Hilgren waited in the wings for Jeff Streibig and Ryan Willis to beat each other up in Singles.  Eric Hilgren and Will Lemp had an easy go of it in the final winning 21-4, 21-4

Contenders A – Max Langmack defeated Chris Storm 21-14, 21-16

Contenders A Doubles – St. Louis Joe Bates and Neil Mandel beat Chris Storm and Tommy Marks Jr. .

Contenders B – Mathew Mendez beat our own Ryan Charlton  21-8, 21-14

50 Singles – Dave Streibig beat Tom Bembynista 21-6, 21 – 7

50 Doubles – Lou Serrone and Mark Kohnle defeated Tom Bembynista and Dave McDowell 21-15, 21-16

60 Singles – All money and all bets were on Greg Coia to bet Bill Skelly in the 60 Finals.   The house was packed and the crowd was rooting against Skelly with more passion than St Louis roots against Cosentino.  However, Skelly would have none of it, dominating the 60 finals match 21-12, 21-1.

60 Doubles – All bets were on DesMoines Jim Hartzell and Chris (Answerman) Bolling to run away with the 60 Final playing the “Dancing Pig” Buddy Hahs and Loser dude Greg Coia.  However, Coia and Hahs forgot to read the press clippings  and went out and destroyed Hartzell and Bolling 21-4, 21-15!

70 Singles – Rick Beamon defeated Michael Booth for the 70 single title.

Woman’s Singles – Mikaila Mitchell defeated Suzanne Koehler.

Thanks to Chris Herbig, Mike Wedel, Phil Engelbrecht  and the Athletic Club for putting on another great event.

Bear Bash is in a few weeks!

KC Metro Handball League Draft is TONIGHT!

Thanks to one and all for your support.

Spaghetti Out!

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Espinosa family

KCAC member and all around great guy Marcos Espinosa lost his sister to complications from diabetes. Please keep Marcos and his family in your prayers.

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WormBurner only a week and a half away!

Dust off the sticks, it’s time to embarrass yourself in the other sport. Don’t miss out on this terrific annual event. Please contact the tournament coordinators if you have a team, or if you cannot attend please consider donating.

Wormburner14 – Entry

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Heart of America

One month away!! Get your entries in for the start of indoor season. You can send in your printed entry here, or you can do it online here. Look forward to seeing everyone with their shirts back on.

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Survey Results

Click below to view the results of the survey. We received a lot of great feedback. For the most part, there wasn’t any overwhelming momentum for change, so expect much of the same with a few minor tweaks. Stay tuned to the league section of this website for upcoming schedule, draft, any all other information.

Survey Results

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KC Metro Handball League Survey

Please use the scroll bar to complete the embedded survey… Please click on the title above to load the survey

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Three of a kind


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Quirk Brackets

Read ‘em and weep boys. Good luck to everyone this weekend.

2014 Quirk Brackets

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Bear Bash

Bear Bash is coming. Please add this great event to your calendar and plan to attend.

Bear Bash entry

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Quirk entry

Apologize for the delay, here is the entry for the Quirk…

Entry Quirk 2014

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