League cancelled 2/14

Due to the high number of you being so beautiful and having people desire you on Thursday, we are cancelling league to honor the wonderful holiday of Valentine’s Day. The courts are still available if you would like to work up a sweat before your big date. Please reach out to other players to coordinate a match if you so choose.

League is on

As of 11:41am, League for Thursday night 2/7 is ON! If you have a long way to travel to get to the club please make the best decision, we are ok with last minute forfeits and can move people around. Please check back here around 3pm to see if we make any changes.

Handballesta Double-bounce bonanza

Next Saturday 12/1, during the Handballesta at 3pm we are going to have the double-bounce bonanza. A 3 court, double bounce triple elimination tournament where any entrant in the Handballesta can participate. Don’t know what double bounce is?? Don’t worry, we’ll teach you. It is very simple to play, there is no learning curve, and it is very fun to play. In addition to being open to all entrants, ANYONE under the age of 18 is welcome to participate for free. So if you have a son/nephew/friend/enemy that you’ve been wanting to get into handball but not sure how, have them come out to the Athletic Club of Overland Park before 3pm on Saturday 12/1, where we are going to host the coolest double bounce event ever cooked up. See you on the court!!

Gene Disidore

The Disidore patriarch, Eugene “Gene” Disidore passed away after a battle with esophageal cancer. He was an incredible man who lived a very full and blessed life. He was 92, a devout Catholic, married 63 years to his beautiful wife Bonnie, helped raise 10 children, was a WW2 veteran, and a very successful businessman. He was surrounded in love by his family the last weeks of his life. He is now with our Lord in Heaven celebrating a life well lived!

Tommy D is the heart and soul of the Kansas City handball community. He always makes it a priority to look out for those when a loved one is sick or passed. Please share that love back to our boy. Be sure to give Diz a big bear hug if you see him. God bless the Disidore family.