Tragedy in St. Louis handball family

Earlier this week, St. Louis Handball player and owner of Maggie O’Brien’s, Pat McVey was found murdered in St. Louis. Please reach out to our handball brothers across the state and extend your condolences. And please say a prayer for the McVey family that they may find peace and justice with this tragedy.

November 13th kids camp handball will be offered to boys and girls aged 9 to 18 hosted by the Athletic Club of Overland Park. Please view the attached flyer for more information.


Greg Coia, Harley man

Congratulations to our own Greg Coia who yesterday won a Harley Davidson motorcycle at a Sporting KC soccer game. Greg is a longtime loyal fan of the team who has been with them since back in the Wizards days so this was well deserved. And c’mon, how can you not be happy for this reaction:



Landmark day

Congratulations to our founding members and those that sacrificed their own debt, money, and time to make our club what it is today. The KCAC has officially become debt free.

Website updates

Obviously you’ve notice the changes with the website. On the league pages there will be more to come, but I am fumbling my way through it so some things may look worse before they get better. In the meantime if you have any ideas around what you would like to see on the page, please click on the Contact link above or just email


League starts this week

Your captain should be contacting you soon about your status for this week. Please familiarize yourself with all of the new league stuff we have going this year. We have expanded to 8 teams in two divisions, we have dropped from 6 matchups to 5 matchups every week. There is much more information around teams and players that will be tracked on the website this year. We’ll see you all Thursday evening!


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