Commish Brackets updated

Here are the updated brackets after last night. Good luck next week. Let me and/or Orel know if you are playing other than league night.


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Missouri State Singles and Hall of Fame induction

From Lou…

Boys 17th, 18th and 19th of this April once again at the beautiful St. Louis Hinder club the Mo State Singles Championships will be played.   (Entry below)

Saturday evening is the presentation of the 2015 Inductee’s to the Mo State Handball Hall of Fame.   This year there are 3 inductee’s, 2 from Kansas City and 1 inductee from St Louis.

  • Jake Esser – This year Jake Esser many time State, National and local star will be inducted.
  • Tom Bembynista – Tom Bembynista a multi time  50’s singles State champion as well as a 50 Doubles State Champion plus numerous other singles and doubles titles is Kansas City’s other inductee for the year.
  • Steve Campbell – Steve Campbell who has won National Doubles Titles, Mo State Doubles Titles and many local tournaments is the St. Louis inductee for this year.

Three great inductee’s.

Boys this should be an extremely fun weekend hope that most of you can get up to the fabulous St. Louis Hinder club and play some handball plus get out and support this year’s inductee’s.

Thanks in advance for all that you do.

Spaghetti Out!

Entry 2015 Mo State

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Commish Brackets Posted

Read ‘em and weep


Also, here is the court sheet for tomorrow night.


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League night

Checking out league on a Thursday night


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Collegiate Nationals results

From Jake Esser –

“All boys did well. 

In the qualifying rounds, Sam won his first, then lost a tough match to an Irish kid 19 & 18 and missed qualifying for the Open (top 16 out of 160).  That put him in the A division which is where Max Langmack qualified as well.  Unfortunately the two had to play each other in the semi-finals which was a heck of match with Sam winning an 11-10 tiebreaker.  He played another Irish kid for the finals and lost 6 & 16.

After qualifying rounds, both Alex Birge and Matt Vollink qualified for the B division.  Matt then lost a tough tiebreaker his first round while Alex lost in the quarter-finals. 

Alex/Matt made the quarter-finals in A Doubles while Sam/Max lost in the first round of the Open Doubles.

Missouri State took 4th in the Mens, 3rd in the Womens and coming in 2nd to Lake Forest for the overall title.

A proud parent moment – Sam won one of the two Sportsmanship awards that were given out to the Men participants.”

Congrats to Mo State and the posse

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League Cancelled for 3/5

Due to the National Racquetball Masters tournament scheduled March 4th – 7th, league will be postponed for a week. The team championships that were scheduled for that night will be delayed until the following week on 3/12.

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League Standings

With only 3 weeks to go for the regular season, here is where the standings are at. It looks like it is likely going to be Serrone vs Herbig for the team championship. There will be a prize for the winners, so finish strong cheap kids inflatable toys!!


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Page updated, lost a little content

All of the spam has been purged from the site and we’ve updated the engine we run on, so you will notice a faster loading page. The update did lose me a couple of posts along the way, so I apologize for whatever was lost.

Here is a league update:


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Halfway through league!

We are at the halfway point and so far it’s a two team race. Team Serrone and Team Herbig/Skelly are blowing up the other 4 teams. So the teams behind will have to step it up to make it close as we determine who will play in Week 16 for the winner take all prize.

Some house cleaning:

If you are not a member of the OP Club, you need to pay $7 every time you come in to play in league. The front desk will have a check-in sheet to make sure everyone coming to play is either a member or has paid. If you cannot follow this very cheap and easy rule, your captain will bench you. That is all.

Standings as of week 7

KC Metro Handball League Standings
Division 1 Division 2
Team Name Wins Losses Games
Team Name Wins Losses Games
3 Serrone 27 15 - 6 Herbig 29 13 -
1 Franklin 19 23 8 2 Jaybird 23 19 6
5 Orel 17 25 10 4 Hogan 11 31 13
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Handballesta Results

Thanks Lou for your hard work all weekend and for sending this along…

Open Singles – Ryan Willis defeated Will Lemp 21-14,   21-7.

Open Doubles – I thought it would be closer……………Ryan Willis/Nick Scherzer defeated in 2 games Will Lemp/Richard Lynch………….21-20,   21-20.

Contenders Singles – Field of 16 and unlike EMan and Stormy we have a WINNER………..Chris Storm the good Storm defeated Marcos Espinosa …………21-20,  21-8.

Contenders Doubles – Ron Martin/Mitch Meagher defeated Chris Storm/Tom Marks Jr. ……………….21-16,  21-7.

Contenders Consolation – Dan Johnson defeated Scott Wilson (20-21), 21-9,  11-10.

40 Singles – First time in years but the Master’s 40’s is back and doing well..   A barn burner, last time Herbig and Pfannenstiel squared off in the 40’s,  Herbig won the Mo State Singles Championship.  Today it was another barn burner as several time national champion Paul Pfannenstiel defeated Chris Herbig in a  11-5   Tie Breaker!

50 Singles – Another great match as Jerry Carnes from St. Louis battled KC 4 time Mo State 50 Singles Champion Tom Bembynista.  Another barn burner  as Bembynista wins in a Tie-Breaker!  (14-21),  21-20 and 11-5.

50 Doubles – Another barn burner as National Doubles Champions Paul Pfannenstiel and Jake Esser were challenged by Columbia’s Jim Wohl and Tequila Harry’s Joel Rush!  Wohl and Rush eked out the first game, a marathon battle.  In the second game it looked like for a while that going two ways was going to take its toll on Paul Pfannenstiel as Wohl/Rush jump out to a 10 – 0 lead.  Pfannenstiel and Esser were not done as they scored grudgingly the next 15 points and all bets were on Pfannenstiel/Esser in a tie-breaker.  After at least a dozen times in the box Wohl/Rush finally get off of 10 but it looks like Pfannenstiel/Essser will win going away.  Out of nowhere, Wohl/Rush tie the game at 18 – 18 and somehow get out a Winner.  Wohl/Rush 50’s Doubles Champion in maybe one of the best finals ever played.

60 Doubles – Wow largest  bracket in the tournament as 26 players, 13 teams played for the Title.  In the end there could only be one.  The Final was supposed to be Gary Sowell/Lou Serrone vs Dave Schafer/Don Ginsburg.  Gary Sowell, the substitute partner for Mark Kohnle tweaked a hamstring in the Semi’s vs Brake/Bozzay.  Sunday AM, Sowell cannot go.  David Schaffer usually the partner of Mark Kohnle said he did not want to drive 5 hours and not play a final.  At Schaffer/Ginsburg request, Kohnle off the injured reserve comes back in the tournament.    2.5 hour donnybrook ensues with Serrone/Kohnle serving for match twice at 20 in the 2nd game but it was not to be that the substitute team would win the day as Ginsburg pulls a rabbit out of the hat with 5 or 6 well timed almost un-returnable angled serves that allowed his extremely hot partner Dave Schafer to finish off Kohnle/Serrone @ 11-7 in the tie-breaker!

60 Singles – Greg Coia defeated Michael Haar…………………………….. 21-10, 21-3.

60 Legends Doubles – Randie Moler/Chuck Smrha defeated Michael Haar/Don Duryee……………………………….. 21-8, 21-3.

Legends Singles – Tony Raimondo was back to defend his title defeating last year in the final our very own  Michael Booth in a tie-breaker.  This year the KCAC’s Rick Beamon  was back in the final.  The Rick Beamon, who Skippy says he never lost to.  The  Rick Beamon I saw serve every ball to Skippy in a Championship match in Springfield several years ago.  The same day Bailey and I the two (left side players) kept hearing Skippy say “He’s not that good”  all the way to the bar where Skippy and I had to buy beers for the winners.  That Rick Beamon showed up and won the Legends Singles ……………………………….21-5, (18-21), 11-5.

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