Congratulations to the new Doubles champs

Congratulations to George Watson and Ryan Willis in defeating former champions Hector Facio Jr and Chip Morales. Saturday morning, 3/03 they played in a barnburner with the new champs barely defeating them 11-9 in a tie breaker. This officially marks Watson and Willis as the best doubles team in Kansas City, so all handball competitors across the country, take note. Please check out the Belt pages to see when they have to defend, who the contenders will be (and yes a rematch has already been approved), and the legacy and results info.


For immediate release:

The Kansas City Athletic Club is proud to announce that the KCAC Doubles Championship belts are back on. The current champions, Hector Facio Jr and Chip Morales, will be making their first title defense against contenders Mitch Meagher and Nick Scherzer on Sunday at 3:30pm at the Athletic Club of Overland Park. Please come out to the ACOP and watch the exciting title match. And stay tuned for more exciting championship handball in the near future.

Junior and Chip

Courts this week

If you want to book a court and time, just send me or your captain your matchup, time, and court and I will add it to the court sheet. Click on the court sheet link above to see what has already been taken

Weather on January 11th

Please keep an eye on the text at the top of the KCAC web page. If the weather takes a turn for the worst or if the ACOP closes early due to bad weather, we will communicate on the website immediately. Currently our state is “It’s a go!”, but check back throughout the day tomorrow if our status changes.

If you are coming from far, you may considering cancelling this week just in case and updating your status for your captain.

Mixer night

For the mixer night next Thursday December 28th, we are extending our invitation to our greater handball family. Please invite your spouses, close friends, and any other former handball players that would like to re-visit with our wonderful group of weirdos. We’ll have beers at the bar and pizza from D’Bronx. Please see the flyer below and go to the link and enter the number of people you’d like to attend including yourself so we know how much pie to order.