St. Louis Singles this weekend

Good luck to our Blue Diamonds that are travelling over to St. Louis for this weekend. Here are the brackets:


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Herbig/Skelly 2-time League Champs

Congratulations to captains Chris Herbig and Bill Skelly on their back-to-back league championships. They bested team Orel on final night by a wide margin of 5 games to 1. The league trophy on display will be updated with this year’s plate within the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned to the site as the captains will be voting on MVPs very soon.

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Spring/Summer calendar

All of these events are on the calendar above. Just subscribe to the KC handball public calendar to be notified and to follow all of our events (When in Google Calendar, select Other Calendars, then select add by URL, then paste this in the field:

  • April 30, 2016 – Clean up Day at the KCAC  (No handball until inside and outside is cleaned up)
  • May 21, 2016 – Wimbledotte
  • June 17, 18 & 19, 2016 – KC NassT 3-Wall
  • July 3rd, 2016 – Sutrea Worst Family Handball Tournament………..Honoring Agnes Sutera
  • August 12, 13 and 14, 2016 – Quirk World Tournament
  • September 23, 2016 – KCAC Wormburner Classic Golf Tournament
  • Mid September 2016 – Facio Big Ball Tournament
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League Championship this Thursday!

Congratulations to Teams Orel and Herbig/Skelly for a great season. You guys will play all of your matches on the bar court starting at 4:30 for league supremacy. If Orel and Herbig/Skelly split wins (3-3), then we will use total points from each match as tie-breaker. After each bar court game, results will be updated on the scorecard to see who is in the lead for the championship. All other teams will  play 3 matches at 5pm and 3 matches at 6pm on the rest of the courts to battle for 3rd place and for 5th place.

We hope to see everyone come out for our full final night of league. We will also have a trophy and MVP ceremony coming soon as well so stay tuned to the site for an update there. Here is the final regular season standings:

Team Division #1 W L Games Back
5 Herbig/Skelly 53 37 -
3 J Bird/Bolling 45 45 8
1 Hogan/Storm 39 51 14
Team Division #2 W L Games Back
4 Orel 52 38 -
2 Franklin 44 46 8
6 Scherz/Serrone 37 53 15
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Jack Jarrett surgery

from Serrone…

Our good buddy JJ, Jack Jarrett had some symptoms a couple of nights ago and will undergo Open Heart Surgery tomorrow.   Jack is at KU med.

I just talked to Jack via Tommy D as Tommy was in the room with him, imagine what that is like…………anyway the prognosis is great for a full recovery.

I will keep you posted but for good safe measure lets all say a little prayer for our good friend Jack.

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New project I’m toying around with

I’m thinking about putting together a handball family tree for Kansas City. Answer the questions in the survey below and I’ll get you added to the tree. Once I have something put together then I will publish it. If you’re situation is unique then please include it in the notes.

Go to Family Tree Form here

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Campion made a movie

Thanks Matt for putting together a video from the weekend. A little grainy, but still cool.

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St. Louis draws

Good luck to our travelers this weekend…

SLHA 2016 Doubles Brackets (1)

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No league this week

There is no league this week. Good luck to our group travelling to St. Louis for the state doubles tournament. League results have been updated for week 11. Go to the following pages for:

Stay tuned for more updates around league.

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Weekly court sheet

Week 17 (updated 3/8 9:27am)

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