Weekly court sheet

Week 13

Family Tree Form

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Jack Jarrett surgery

from Serrone…

Our good buddy JJ, Jack Jarrett had some symptoms a couple of nights ago and will undergo Open Heart Surgery tomorrow.   Jack is at KU med.

I just talked to Jack via Tommy D as Tommy was in the room with him, imagine what that is like…………anyway the prognosis is great for a full recovery.

I will keep you posted but for good safe measure lets all say a little prayer for our good friend Jack.

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New project I’m toying around with

I’m thinking about putting together a handball family tree for Kansas City. Answer the questions in the survey below and I’ll get you added to the tree. Once I have something put together then I will publish it. If you’re situation is unique then please include it in the notes.

Go to Family Tree Form here

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Campion made a movie

Thanks Matt for putting together a video from the weekend. A little grainy, but still cool.

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St. Louis draws

Good luck to our travelers this weekend…

SLHA 2016 Doubles Brackets (1)

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No league this week

There is no league this week. Good luck to our group travelling to St. Louis for the state doubles tournament. League results have been updated for week 11. Go to the following pages for:

Stay tuned for more updates around league.

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Weekly court sheet

I’m going to link the weekly court sheet on the page here from now on. This will give you visibility of the matchups that I receive and when they are assigned a court. Keep in mind this is a constantly evolving court sheet until it is marked as final. If you see your name on a court at a time it is not guaranteed until the final version has been submitted and saved. I will mark that under the week and time on the spreadsheet. Also assume that what  your captain sends you is the final version.

How it works:

When your captain sends me their matchups, I will add them to the right of the court sheet (you will need to scroll to the right to see what’s been sent in). After I receive them all and there are no conflicts I start populating them in the courts based on scheduled time and preference.

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Missouri Doubles, January 29th

Reminder the Missouri Doubles is January 29th. I’m already hearing of a good contingency planning to attend so better start making your plans and find a partner.

StL Doubles_entry16

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Tallcorn April 22nd

Please add The Tallcorn handball tournament to your calendars for April 22nd in Des Moines, IA. This is a great tournament run by our friends up north. Entry is also available on the KCAC calendar if you need to locate it. But here is the link:

Tallcorn Entry


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Mixer night league this Thursday

This Thursday is our annual mixer night for league. Please let your captain know if you would like to play. Also wear an old handball shirt for your match, or just wear something festive or silly for your match. Best shirt will win a prize. We will also have an open bar (for a while) as a Christmas gift to our league members. Also if you want to share handball with a non-playing friend, please invite them out and take this opportunity to introduce them to our sport.

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