KC handball equipment survey

Please fill out the survey to help us better understand your handball equipment needs:



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Bear Bash 2015

Please participate in the 2015 Bear Bash on the Missouri State campus in Springfield, Missouri. This tournament helps fund the MO State handball squad to participate in tournaments throughout the country. The event is November 6-8.

Bear Bash 2015

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Heart of America handball tournament

Please mark your calendar for the Heart of America handball tournament October 2nd – 4th. This usually marks the official beginning of the indoor handball season and it sounds like there will be a couple of college teams in attendance this year, so get your entry in and start practicing, it’s going to be a good one.

HOA Handball 2015

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Quirk pictures posted


Thanks to Jim Cosentino for taking pictures this weekend.

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Quirk results

Congratulations to our Quirk champions from last weekend:

  • Open – Tom Disidore and Hector Facio Jr defeated Tommy Little and Ryan Willis
  • 35s – Danny Cates and John Macan defeated Mark Hogan and Joel Rush
  • Contenders – Gonzales and Samoya defeated Brett Hawkins and Victor Mendez
  • 50s – Whol and Clemons defeated DeVito and Murphy
  • 60s – Due to rain this will be settled in St. Louis by Fox and Sandford vs Smith and Campbell
  • Legends – Stewart and Clemons defeated Mitch Welch and Tony Tocco

Pictures from the tournament will be posted soon

Quirk15 – brackets

photo 2

35’s Champs John Macan and Danny Cates poses with runner ups Joel Rush and Mark Hogan


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Quirk results coming soon

Due to rainouts and reschedules we haven’t quite received all of the results of last weekend’s Quirk. As soon as full results are in I will post updated brackets. Here are the results of the Open courtesy of Lou…

Disidore and Hector Jr, come into Monday one game up and starting the match 3-0 against the #1 Seed and perennial champions, Ryan Willis and Tommy Little.

Disidore and Hector Jr. jump out to a 6-4 lead.

Willis and Little not to be out done jump up and spank the new comers blasting by Disidore and Facio with 12 unanswered points taking control of the match with a commanding 16 to 6 lead.

This match has got tie-breaker written all over it and a spanking to boot.

The Big “D” Tommy Disidore and his side kick Jr. grab the reins of that stallion and ride it hard.  Not to be out done and not taking any static off the perennial champions Tommy D and Jr jump up and smack the #1 Seed in the mouth with a 11 point run of their own taking the score all the way to 17 -16.

As you can imagine the rest of the this match was epic.  So many volley’s and so many shots with both teams grudgingly determined to win this game.  Fast forward and you have Willis and Little serving 20-20 with the 2nd man serving.  Do or die.  By sheer determination of will and grit Disidore and Jr find a way to get Willis and Little out of the service box.   The game ends with Willis attempting a kill shot to get his team back in the service box but even though it was an exceptional kill shot with more angles and velocity than you can imagine, Jr like a panther tracked the ball down and re-killed it with a flat, dead flat roll out for the 21-20 2015 Quirk Open final Win.

Congratulations Hector Jr and Tommy D

image1 IMG_18441

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Paul Quirk brackets

Brackets are posted. Good luck to everyone this weekend.

Quirk15 – brackets

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KCAC TV broken

From Lou…

Boys someone accidentally hit the TV Screen at the KCAC with what appears to be a beer can.   The picture screen is shattered and obviously the KCAC members would like for the MEMBER responsible to fess up and replace the TV.

Things happen sometimes, no harm no foul but we hope that whomever damaged the TV would just replace it or tell us and we will replace it if you agree to pay for it.

Thanks in advance for taking care of this.

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Quirk Entry form

Entry Quirk 2015

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Kirkwood 3 Wall Handball tournament

Please make plans to attend the Kirkwood 3 Wall handball tournament in St. Louis on September 11 – 13. Please stay tuned for more information and for a link to the entry form.

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