KCAC events calendar

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions around the dates of our upcoming club events. The calendar to the right will have a bolded date for anything that is showing an event for that date. If you click on the ‘next’ link you can look ahead months and see what is published on the calendar. If you click on the bolded date you will receive information about what is scheduled for that date. If you want to see a larger version of that calendar then click on the Calendar link in the top menu. This is a shared Google calendar and is easier to update instead of manually updating the web page when a new event needs to be added.

If you have any events that you would like added, please send me a message or click on the Contact button above and I will get it included on the shared KCAC calendar.

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KC 3 Wall results

Congratulations to our winners from the KC 3 Wall:

  • Open – Will Lemp defeated Ryan Willis
  • Contender A – Felipe Campos defeated Victor Mendez
  • Contender B – Alex Orel defeated Mikeala Mitchell
  • Masters – Tom Bembynista/Jake Esser defeated Wohl/Kohnle
  • Golden Masters – Jim Fox/John Sanford defeated Serrone/Bolling
  • 135’s – Jim Cosentino and Danny Wetmore won


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KC 3 Wall this weekend

Summer starts this Friday with the KC 3 Wall. Please get your entry in and be prepared for a fun weekend.

KC Tim Nass 3-Wall 2015

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WimbleDotte 7!!!

WimbleDotte 7 is coming June 6th. If you like handball and/or having fun, then this is the perfect way to spend your Saturday. Come participate, watch, or help be a part of our annual tradition of taking complete outsiders and throwing them into the action. We have had some highly successful handball players come from this tournament, so it is good to see when they got their start. Please review the entry form and post at your place of work and share with your oldest friends. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask any of WimbleDotte committee uk party inflatable tent tunnel rental:

  • Tom Little
  • Tony Orel
  • Ron Martin
  • John Macan
  • Ron Scherzer
  • Nick Scherzer
  • Ryan Duckers
  • Geoff Holton

Click here for your WimbleDotte Entry: WD7-Entry

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news on players and friends

from Lou

Boys I just received a note from Dave Mc Dowell below. Vic is a good man and deserves our thoughts and prayers.

“ Lou:

Vic Gallardo who I played with for several years at the KCK Y is not doing well. He has lost considerable weight-down to 138 pounds and has lost use of his left leg. He is confined to a wheel chair. He is going to KU Med and they can’t seem to figure out what is wrong with him. He continues to make court reservations for the rest of us so he can stay connected to handball. We should include him in our prayers.

Dave McDowell”

Jim Cook – “Cookie” has a set back and had to return to St. Lukes

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Finals for Commish tourney, final-final party

Thursday, April 30th we will have the finals for the remaining matches of each bracket in the commish tournament. See the below bracket for what is left. If you cannot attend next Thursday, please work with your opponent to schedule an alternate date/time to play your match.

We will also award team Skelly/Herbig with their regular season team trophy (it’s cool!) that they will keep until there is a new champ. We will also award the individual players in each class that had a stellar season…as voted on by the captains of each team.


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St Louis singles and Gary Sowell

from Lou…

Boys all the draws are below for this weekend.  Good Luck to one and all.

St Louis Brackets

Hall of Fame – Wanted all of you to know that GARY SOWELL will be inducted this fall (2015) into the Missouri Valley College Football Hall of Fame.   Gary played Strong Safety @ MVC and was a tenacious competitor receiving All American, All District and All Conference honors while he was @ MVC.  So while this is a Mo State Handball Hall of Fame weekend Gary Sowell being one of us I wanted all of you to have the opportunity to congratulate Gary on this well deserved accomplishment.

Have fun this weekend and see you boys in St. Louis

Spaghetti Out

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67th Tallcorn Handball Tournament & Central Regionals

May 1st- 3rd at the new Wellmark YMCA, The Des Moines Hinder Club is hosting the 67th annual Tallcorn handball tournament. This is a great tournament to play in if you get the chance and is a short 3 hour drive from KC. Hopefully you can make it.

To enter: Tallcorn site

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Updated bracket and court sheet

Good luck this week…



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