Handballesta is December 4th

Get your entries in for the Handballesta…


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Bear Bash winners

Congratulations to KCAC representation winning at this year’s Bear Bash:

  • Contender A singles – Ron Martin
  • 50 Singles – Paul Pfannenstiel
  • 60 Singles – Don Eikel
  • Women’s consolation singles – Meredith Little

Thanks to all of our travelers to help make this annual tradition a success.

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Look at this guy!


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Gary Sowell Hall of Fame

Please congratulate Gary Sowell on his recent induction to the Missouri Valley College Athletic Hall of Fame. In addition to being a stud handball player, Gary has a past as a two star collegiate athlete as well. Please click on the link below to read more about our esteemed handball compatriot.

Awesome job Gary!!
Gary Sowell Hall of Fame

Post publishing update: The guy looked like Bradley Cooper in college. Isn’t it enough Gary that you are a successful business owner and great athlete, you have to be incredibly sexy, too?

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Kids handball camp Day 1

With day 1 in the books, the first KC kids handball camp sponsored by the WPH was a huge success. The experienced kids got right back into the swing of things and the new kids learned how to first throw the ball in front of their body then finally started hitting the ball by the end of the day. It’s amazing how fast kids can learn.  Thanks to Hector Jr for running the older kids. We ended the day with a monster game of double bounce that ended in dramatic fashion. We all can’t wait to get back out next Sunday.20151011_142353 20151011_142448

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Heart of America results

Congrats to our winners from last weekend…

  • Open Singles – Tyler Stoffel defeated Chip Morales
  • Open Doubles – Matt Campion/Tommy Little defeated 11 – 10 tie breaker Tyler Stoffel/Jordan Taylor
  • Contender Singles- Justin Buschjost defeated Jeremy Young
  • Contender Doubles – Justin Buschjost/Dan Johnson defeated Ron Martin/Victor Mendez
  • 40 Doubles – Chris Herbig/Matt McLaughlin defeated Paul Pfannenstiel/Hector Facio  ……………(Hogan was canon fadder)
  • 50 Singles – Tom Bembynista once again in a tie breaker defeated his nemesis Will Johnson
  • 50 Doubles – New Comers ………Joel Rush and Naryana Martin defeated perennial champions (in Benny’s mind) Tom Bembynista and Dave McDowell
  • 60 Singles – Dan Price defeated Don Eikel
  • 60 Doubles – Lou Serrone/Gary Sowell defeated Bob Roman/Don Ginsburg  21-20 2nd game.   (Thought it would be closer)
  • Legends Singles – Tony Raimondo defeated Tom Kezlan
  • Legends Doubles – Lyle Burbach/Tony Raimondo defeated Tim Clemons/Ed Lapin
  • Woman’s Open – Mikalia Mitchell defeated Jessica Heron
  • Men’s B – Aaron Moutray defeated Taylor McQueary
  • Open Consolation – Tyler Fipps defeated Felipe Campos
  • B Consolation – Tim Collins defeated Jim London
  • A Consolation – Hugo Cervantes defeated Steven Gering
  • Contender Doubles Consolation – Aaron Moutray/Taylor McQueary defeated Caylen Vinson/Gretchen Gregory
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October 17th, Octoberfest at the KCAC

Saturday, October 17, will be another S & B day at the KCAC.  S & B some of you will think sausage and brat’s but most people have come to know S & B days at the KCAC are Scherzer and Balint days where Ron Scherzer and Tom Balint roll out the red carpet and the Sausage and Brats and anyone and everyone can come and feast and enjoy some handball and fellowship.   I understand that Ron and Tom have a final stash of goodies that they will be cooking up that day so come on down play some ball, watch some college football with your buds.  Food and Handball are free, entry fee will be charged for the Chair Throwing contest.

Think of this as our ‘final final’ outdoor party hosted by the great Balint and Scherzer. Come and eat, play, and have a few beverages as we get some outdoor in around the falling leaves.

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Draws for Heart of America

Good luck to everyone competing this weekend…

Link to tournament

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League starts 10/15

Royals are hosting game 1 of the ALDS on Thursday October 8th. Due to the attendance and watch parties likely taking place, we’ll push league start date back one week to accommodate. Strangely enough, this is the only American League postseason game scheduled for Thursday, so don’t expect any other baseball-related disruptions. This year’s schedule:


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League rosters released

League rosters have been released. Please review to see which team you are playing with this year.


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